Museum of Art - Tel Aviv - The Herta and Paul Amir Building


The exhibition:

I am, also...
Douglas Gordon, born 1966 in Glasgow, living in Berlin and New York

I would like to call it "Messages in the Light Fall".
The words, the phrases the artist has chosen animate the breathtaking architecture of the so called Light Fall, the center of the museum. He picked them from his own collection of about a hundred phrases, commenting "... pretty much every word written, spoken, heard, overheard from 1989…"

In my opinion he created a room, which envites to discover different views and multiple meanings.
I couldn't stop looking for different perspectives, different combinations of words, creating different meanings, and always new forms and structures. I loved it.

The video installation was quite impressive too, huge screens in a huge room, with the following works:

The end of civilization - the burning of a grand piano.
The film "Psycho" in two screens/second
A trained elephant "Playing dead, real Time" in the Gagosian Gallery
Henry Rebel and the dark side of his life

Not to forget his work "30 seconds" - a price winning piece from the Biennale in Venice 2000.
(The message is, you can talk to a person for 30 seconds, after his head has been cut off.)


Tel Aviv, 13/04/08